Charnwood Connect

Charnwood Connect is a two-year partnership project (October 2013 – September 2015) funded by Big Lottery’s ‘Advice Services Transition Fund’. The project was set up to strengthen and improve access to advice and information services locally. Charnwood Citizens Advice Bureau is the management and accountable body for Charnwood Connect and is delivering the project with its lead partner, The Bridge, a specialist housing advice, information and support agency.

Charnwood Connect is overseen by a partnership body, the Project Steering Group, which includes:

Charnwood Borough Council
Centre for Information Management, Loughborough University
Charnwood Citizens Advice Bureau
Human Rights and Equalities Charnwood
John Storer Charnwood
Living Without Abuse
Pro-Active Community Endeavour (PACE)
Student Advice and Support Service, Loughborough University
The Bridge
Youth Shelter

Charnwood Connect will strengthen and improve access to advice and information services by:

  1. Setting up a Charnwood Connect Forum for advice workers.
  2. Developing a Knowledge Hub for advice workers and service users.
  3. Developing a multi-agency volunteering pathway to increase the number of advice workers in response to growing needs.
  4. Offering financial education and money management training for service users.
  5. Improving access to preventative advice and specialist support to enable local people to take greater control over their lives.

The Knowledge Hub is a community resource for local people who want help with issues such as welfare rights and benefits, housing and homelessness, domestic violence, immigration and discrimination, money management and debt.

The Knowledge Hub is also an online space for paid and volunteer advisers based in Charnwood to access local information, share practice, exchange ideas and act on issues of common interest.